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Aug. 25th, 2014

We get away from it all!

Ok so it was one day and it did not go according to plan but still, we went up North to find a shop that has artificial reefs, similar to Living Color in America so we drove all the way to Rishon Letzion and no sign of it. Found the road, the mall where it should have been, a very friendly guard but no sign of the shop so had a coffee and went to Cinema City in Hertzilia, that was amazing, Wandered around the mall, we were planning on the cinema but took one look at the sea of screeching, yowling under 10s waiting to buy tickets and quickly skipped that part of the agenda. We were aiming for the exit when Hannah asked if she could stay a little linger, she didnt want to go back to sirens just yet. It has been pretty relentless the last couple of days, we have pretty constant sirens, explosions and the phones telling us when there are sirens elsewhere in Israel and its getting scary

What I find really scary are the news reports of ships from Israel not being allowed to dock and the shops who have all Israeli products stripped from the shelves. What about all the cotton products and petroleum products from Syria? They killed way more Muslims than ever died in Gaza. What about boycotting hospitals or allowing your loved ones to die because you are boycotting Israeli medical products? Of course not. And no-one calls them out on it. So go on you bunch of hypocrites, dump your disk on key, turn off your baby monitor that monitors if your baby is breathing during the night. Go Google all the medical exports used for rehabilitation all over the World. If you are going to do it, do it properly

Aug. 14th, 2014

We have a ceasefire!

Apparently. There were a few stray rockets that nobody is addmitting to but we have a ceasefire

Today is work day on the business which means I am not allowed to spend hours on the computer but must overcome my screen addiction and get some work done but I have poddled off to the post office and checked on some missing parcels, found one lurking in Tel Aviv and still missing a couple ..... will try and get them all sorted out today

Apart from that, diet is crap as in I am so not cheating but I am also so no losing weight, hope things start moving on that front, we are probably going to Jerusalem on Sunday to stay in Gabys house which is great except I have this sneaking suspicion we are taking Shimons aunt which is ok except she is in a wheelchair and has a wonderful helper called Vivian. This means five of us will be packed in the back = car sickness and with a saloon car and a wheelchair in the boot = no room for my things including my pillow. I was not 100% looking forward to this in the first place and now I am dreading it. I was hoping to take a foam mattress and a blow up bed but that's not going to happen. We will find out on Friday if we are taking Marcelle and if we are I am going to try and talk someone else into helping out with the packing

Can you tell I am in a griping mood?

Aug. 10th, 2014

Ooooh Devious Husband Caught Out!

No this isn't a viral video where you see what his father did or anything. Every August its the Israeli Love Day. Now we always do Valentines Day but Shimon is really keen on love day but there are no tacky window displays. No adverts on TV, nothing so every. Single. Sodding. Year I forget and get caught out by a card and a gorgeous present with nothing to give back. Not this year she says. I was laying in bed thinking 'Isn't Love Day about now?' checked and would you believe it? Its tomorrow! So I am off to get something for him. He has casually suggested we go out for dinner sometime this week, and why not Monday? I casually agreed after casually suggesting changing the day but eventually agreeing on Monday - he has no idea I am ON TO HIM!

Now I am not one of those people who go on and on and on about dieting but on Monday last week I got a blood test back which was okish but had a very high reading for Triglycerides or something. Googled. Yep yep, as I suspected, more exercise, less tasty food and cut back on the booze. Is there any health problem that has a different remedy. So bought new sports shorts that aren't covered in white oil paint, and this week (well last six days but it feels much longer) I have cut out all fried food, chocolate and sweets, chips, lager and well anything I know I should not have. I have also rejoined MyFitnessPal and have logged everything in. Walked three times (that's 45 or 50 minutes power walking followed by 15 minutes dripping with sweat) Its not actually entirely my fault those tri thingies are high - I have been cooped in because of the sirens in part, its not the sirens, its the fact we don't like leaving Miss 11 in the house in case there is a siren and one lands nearby. Its also ISRAEL in the SUMMER so its really a bit too hot for anything outside except swimming and the pool is shut .... because of the sirens. Lets not talk about stress nibbling. I have Wii though and I am making the effort to walk in the evenings. I also had six days of dieting, which included one Hinah (Moroccan engagement party) Shabbat evening and a day of doing nothing  but still shifted 300 grams. Nearly a pound. Not much for all that effort but slowly does it

No sirens since Tuesday! Which is infuriating. I am stuck in, no pool and it feels like no reason why. Either fire rockets or open the pool, its that simple! Ah well Shavua Tov (have a good week) everyone

Aug. 7th, 2014

Today is a blue day

No sirens which is excellent and the swimming pool is open! Even better! Except I can't go because Numpty has grazed her knee and it went septic and if she cant go I cant go


And I thought I had a new friend but she has just swamped me with so much anti antisemitism - does she not realize that whilst I am a Jew its not my whole life. I am an artist and a mother and a wife as well and I am beginning to feel that the only reason she befriended me was as a kicking post. I liked her because she was intelligent and funny and I loved her style but she liked me because she could blame me for everything that was happening in Gaza. I could match every hateful thing that has been said by Jews against Hamas and double it ten times over but I don't because it would start a fight and I respect her as a person, not just as a Muslim

So sadly and with great reluctance I blocked her

Some things about Protective edge

These are some comments I made about Protective edge in other forums ....

8th July 2014

We are still getting sirens this morning but so far just one but everything is shut! I dont think I will be delayed on any swaps but blimey, what an excuse! We are fine though, its a bit nerve wracking though and apart from sirens, there are drones, planes, constant background explosions and we are close enough we can hear whats happening in Gaza. (later the same day) The last rocket was at 2310 hours last night. We then played rebels and sat out on the balcony with wine watching the army flares over Gaza. We have a very effective Iron Dome anti missile system in place but one got through and hit Ashdod. The media makes out we are killing in Gaza and its uncalled for because they are not killing us but they are trying, its just Iron Dome that saves us. I think it will all kick off again soon this morning so going to get as much done beforehand!

10th July 2014

We had three missiles hit our beautiful city in the last day - one hit a house and another a car and just now one hit a petrol station - the one I use - and someone was badly hurt it seems. So you will see Ashdod mentioned on the news but we are fine for now.

We had five sirens yesterday I think, one when I was driving so had to park the car and run for it and one this morning before I was up (the one that hit the petrol station) and hubby was laughing because I was not going to the shelter without a bra and with unbrushed hair! We made it just as the explosions started. On the whole, I am fine. Its hard to get out and in any event most places are shut but we try and get out, I would go stir crazy if I were cooped up all the time :-/

The hard things are hoovering (you cannot hear a siren when the hoover is on) so I turn it on and off and on and off .... showers. Murphys law is the siren will go off just as you shampoo your hair so speed showers are the order of the day and er, well anything that involves you and your husband is a bit worrying, they say you have 45 seconds to get to shelter but I counted 22 seconds from when the siren started to the explosions yesterday

14th July 2014

Well I read my previous posts and things are not much better. Yesterday we were woken up by a siren because a drone armed with explosives was heading for the city centre, that was 0630 and from then on I think we had seven sirens, one of which did land in the city centre. I keep being asked why are the Israelis having so few casualties compared to the Gazans and how can I justify all those dead babies and children. I get messages wishing that my children were also killed and how happy that would make some people

We don't have that many casualties because we have sirens and bomb shelters. Every missile they launch costs $1,000 (thats for a kassam) every time our Iron Dome takes it down it costs $10,000 but we pay gladly because safety is paramount. Gaza currently has no sewerage treatment because they cant afford the fuel to run the facility but since Protective Edge started, they have fired over 700 rockets to Israel. That would process a lot of poo I reckon ;-) Hamas fires from civilian areas and has told its people not to evacuate. How can we win against people who have that mentality. They still have over 6,000 missiles to fire. Deep joy. If we didnt have bomb shelters, sirens and Iron Dome our casualties would be way higher than the 170 Gazans that have died so far and I feel bad for every civilian that has been hurt or killed

Let me be clear I am not a fan of Hamas NOT because of what they are trying to do to us, we can cope, but because of what they are doing to their own people. I have totally no problem with Muslims, I am Blessed to count some of them among my friends and the Quran is an inspirational and Holy book but in every religion INCLUDING Judaism you get fanatics and they ruin it for everyone else. So please do not take anything I say here as anti-muslim. Its totally not

Now current situation. They are trying to set up a ceasefire which is really bad news. I want peace as much as the next person, if I don't get out of this apartment soon I will go stark staring bonkers and I have a swap I need to post TODAY! But Hamas doesn't want to admit it was beaten so before the peace deal goes through, it wants to get in one 'good' hit. Tel Aviv, the nuclear reactor at Dimona, its not fussed. Just one really spectacular hit. So today its heads down and pray

So far today its been quiet here, like a weird 'calm before the storm' quiet but I dont think it will last much longer, will update you when I can

Meantime hugs and thank you for your thoughts and prayers but if you do pray, please pray for everyone who is involved in this conflict who has no choice. Especially the people of Gaza

(This was a later entry from the same day. Having said I was fine and rockets dont bother me, this had me crying)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6qFGx4dei8&feature=youtu.be Please watch this, it really brought it home to me how much my life has changed but add sport to the list. No swimming (pool and beaches are shut) no walking, nothing

(another entry from that day)

I try really hard not to ever trivialize other peoples problems! It might not seem a big deal in comparison but still! And you never know the burden other people carry besides the one thing they complain about. I had a friend whinging about a car alarm the other day though as a siren went off and it did make me laugh ..... :-D

17th July 2014

Actually I was in a far more taxing personal situation than this - my previous husband had a mid air collision and broke his neck. It was reporters and ICU and his appalling (sorry - had a siren, back now) family and I str (huge explosion, needed to calm Hannah, back now) uggled to keep things normal. It was hard though

I am fine, we have iron dome and usually I dont put in what happens as I type but thought you would like to experience what life is like. You cant do anything without multiple interruptions .... oh well

22nd July 2014

Still here :-) had a few sirens today and very little sleep so getting a little tetchy (as in, the Pope is a little Catholic ...) Last siren yesterday was 2300 hours and its impossible to just go to bed and get back to sleep immediately. Then we started bombing Gaza at 0500 and oh yeah - I am close enough it wakes me up in an instant.

Shimon came home and I said I had to drive over to the next village to check on my bestest's cat (she is in Romania). It was the choice of being cooped up in the house ONE MORE HOUR or driving in open countryside very close to an IDF airbase that is being targetted. I chose the drive :-) I came home smiling and calm again.

Its very interesting looking at peoples hands on the staircase when the siren goes off, for some reason you usually go out with whatever is in your hand! Phones are the most popular followed by TV remote controls but I have seen beer bottles, dice and hairbrushes. I took a paintbrush out today.

We have had a few hits in our city, two schools, two houses, cars, roads ... you can tell when one gets through its much louder. The problem is we were always told ... go to the place of safety and remain for 10 minutes or until you hear the explosion but the game plan changed. Now you hear the explosion and you wait because odds are, they were the interceptions and the ones that will potentially kill you havent landed yet.

It feels that people in the world are wising up to Hamas, they are beginning to understand through social media that Gaza are not the baddies - Hamas are and Hamas are the baddies in Gaza. They have had thousands in aid and blew it on themselves, rockets, ammunition and tunnelling. Nothing on infrastructure or the population and its them that is suffering

So if you want to say a prayer or a thought, we are fine, pray for the people of Gaza who have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide or for the families of the soldiers

23rd July 2014

So today the siren goes off as I am driving on the outside lane (is there any other?) on a four lane highway through the city with Hannah in the car. Had to stop slowly, put on hazard lights, go to Hannah's door and get her out and RUN! In flip flops. With not the sort of bra I would choose to sprint in. Poetry in motion it wasn't but there was a LOT of motion! Made it to an army controlled shelter just as they were sealing the door. It's a good thing we ran, it went off right overhead. Just had another siren now but we are fine and I am doing what all good Jewish wives do in times of stress

I am cooking chicken soup

(later the same day)

Soup didn't work. Wine works better, we had so many sirens in the evening I lost count. There are a few young families in my building and seeing the little ones who have obviously been grabbed out of their cots asleep is so sad, especially when its two or three times in one hour. Highlight was the rather buff young man in the apartment opposite sporting Scoobydo underpants with red hearts all over them.

Its so hard to continue life as though nothing is happening; you watch TV, stitch, paint all to the thunderous background of explosions and you know what that means to the people of Gaza. I hope there isn't a ceasefire. I hope Israel continues until Hamas is out and the money and resources can be used to support the people of Gaza, concrete used for schools not tunnels, money for education and infrastructure not 5 star hotels for the leaders and rockets and missiles. I hope we continue until the job is done once and for all and we free the Palestinians from Hamas.

Its spookily quiet this morning, no rockets overnight and my 0500 hour explosion alarm didnt go off, I feel like the mother of toddlers, all this quiet makes me suspicious ...

Painting today I hope and Shimon is making sushi tonight! Yay!

24th July 2014

I work as an artist and thankfully I have a lot of commissions, more than I can handle sometimes, I feel very Blessed with it in fact. Something weird happened. I was tired and grumpy and I logged onto Pinterest and this Muslim posted how many people were killed in Gaza and how many rockets we had fired so I sniped back that 'You fired a rocket into Israel every 12 minutes!' Well she went berserk so I apologised, of course she hadn't fired any rockets personally and I was just sleep deprived and I said I was sorry, its not in my nature to make sharp comments. There was a pause and then she accepted my apology but said I was brainwashed and well, to cut a long story short, a very deep and lasting friendship has grown between us, one I think that will survive religious differences and the perceptions of war. Allah/Hashem has found me a soul sister

How bizarre is that???

4th August 2014

Now its getting ... boring. Its nearly a month now and sirens are just an irritation and 'Thank Heaven we have a Fiberbox TV so can pause programs'. No sirens for a whole DAY so loving the peace! Still here, still mad, still smiling. Well, baring my teeth which is kind of the same thing right?

6th August 2014

I am probably going to shock some of you now. I am probably going to shock myself but I find myself, well, horrified by what has happened in Gaza. I know that Hamas was firing from civilian areas and I know (and have proof) that they use human shields but were all those civilian casualties completely unavoidable? I know we had a job to do and I think for this time at least, we did it but I personally feel we did not come away from it glorified. I know some photos were from Syria and the fact that 2000 people died in Syria and it was hardly mentioned in the news was equally as horrific but two WRONGS do not equal a RIGHT in my book. There I said it. Contrary to all the Baby Killing bitch emails I got sent and the horrors shoved in my face every day on Twitter and on Pinterest, I did not revel in the death of one single innocent casualty and you can say what you feel to me on this thread because chances are, I will agree with it

We never lost power or water or anything important. We were cooped up but as long as we ventured out for food and alcohol we did not suffer anything like the people of Gaza, they were the real victims. And now we have a ceasefire. It will not mean we will never hear sirens again because we will but you know what scares me the most? Honestly?

I read the papers and I see the signs. One day the Muslims will send rockets and suicide bombers and kidnap and murder for the Hell of it and it might not be Israel. It might even be your country. Now its pockets of Sharia law and women can't ply their trade and you can't walk your dog here and then there will be a little cell probably incited by an Imam and before you know it - you could be standing in our shoes. I really hope I am wrong

Apr. 14th, 2012

Passover has Passed Over!

Only not a 100% because we can buy yummy things like lager and pasta if only the shops were open. Which they aren't. So need to wait until after sunset to go chametz shopping along with the rest of Israel. 

I am trying to see if keeping a James Bond journal (for my eyes only) will help me work through some issues, it is but not in a good way.

Tomorrow hani is back at school, we are back at work and my finger (which had a very very nasty septic chapter) is going to bend more. Whether it likes it or not. Today blackie our male guinea pig went back in with the girls after two weeks in the hole AKA my plastic material storage box. He is not being good though and itf he doesn't start behaving I will repeat the castration starting just behind his ears ... He has been warned.

Nov. 21st, 2011

Another day

starting badly with sod all sleep. First there was the thunder and lightning, and was it ever thunder and lightning which lasted from 0154 to after 0300 which was 2 hours and 15 minutes before dozy tart upstairs started staggering about in her high heeled shoes. So I need to make a decision, either I politely confront them and request, again, that she has consideration for the neighbours and doesn't trot around in stilettos at 0515, I bang on the ceiling thus registering my disapproval without confrontation or I live with it. Again. I shall let you know tomorrow what decision I came to. Stick at the ready

Hannah went to school. Eventually. Its always a never ending source of amazement to me that I can get up, washed, teeth done, get dressed, make the bed, make her lunch and breakfast in the time it takes her to pull on a pair of knickers. I did ask her to lay out her clothing last night which she did, then got out another set this morning. Sigh

I picked her up from school and went to the mall, she wanted to buy toothpaste and after all the aggravation caused by the taste of the new one, I am so in favour of replacing it, its one aggravation in the morning I could live without. And buy fish. I cleaned out her fish tank and there is no doubt that the previously rosy rosy barbs were well, blue and the guppy had frostbite. Time to move them into the heated tank and get fish who would prefer the arctic conditions. Well we had a great time, then she had a tantrum, then we went home, in that order. I did crack (seriously, I could not face another tantrum over that toothpaste again tomorrow) so we went to Shimons parents and then on to get the fish and the toothpaste

The evening was interesting, watched more Vampires, blimey its so much better than series two and more adult, its brilliant! Night night all :-)

Nov. 20th, 2011

Alone again - naturally

No no its not permanent, Shimon is away in a kibbutz near Jerusalem for a course so he is away until Thursday so here I am - in charge of the fort

So far so good, nothing was broken (apart from the dog's nail clippers and its hardly my fault if she has nails like a velociraptor) and I made enough soup that Hani had it for lunch and there is 4 litres of it in the freezer! The weather is amazing, pouring with rain, thunder and lightning, I think Shimon said we have already had half the average winter rainfall and its only November!

I have got (legally of course) the last episode of the Vampire Diaries to watch which I am looking forward to and apart from that, its gonna be a strange lonely evening. I wonder how I will sleep without him there? I am not looking forward to finding out!

May. 24th, 2009

Another week ....

Had a mixed day Friday, for once we had nothing planned and i need a new bag so out came the sewing machine and I made a quilted tote bag with zipped compartments, VERY bright and cheerful! It came out ok but took much longer than it should!

Picked up Hannah from gan and took her to see her new cousin. On the way stopped at traffic lights and RIGHT next to the car a young cat was hit. It was thrashing around in agony which thankfully didnt last too long but the image stayed with me. There was nothing I could do and it was all over in like, five seconds but it was a terrible sight. Hannah thankfully didnt see it.

Went to see the baby who is very cute, it still has vampire syndrome (asleep all day, awake all night) and Illanit, although it was a normal delivery, is complaining of pain a lot. Came home, went to Shimons parents and the synagogue. Cat still in my mind though.

Saturday Hannah went to the beach with her little friend from upstairs and came back without the sun cream, towel, toys and with sunburn. Hmmmm.

Today I am planning my own beach excursion if work isnt too busy, cant wait to get there sans kids and sans hubby, just me and the waves! Bring it on!

May. 20th, 2009

Another day ...

at work all day - the other draftsman has a hernia and needs an operation and so I am on my own and of course, the long period with no files has come to an end but thankfully we arent snowed under yet!

Tonight going to see Angels and Demons, I briefly thought of cancelling and working. Briefly

Ho hum - back to the grindstone!

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